KATE NIELEN PHOTOGRAPHY | Frequently Asked Questions



Do you travel for destination weddings?
Yes! Although I’m based in London, a lot of the weddings I photograph are outside of the United Kingdom. I work across Europe and further abroad! So far, I’ve been commissioned for wedding work in Holland, Italy, France and Ireland to name just a few. I’m always happy to travel.

Do you need to meet me?
I believe you should always meet your wedding photographer before the big day. Your rings and your photographs will be pretty much the only thing left from your wedding in the years to come. You have to be certain that the person behind the camera can truly capture your heart and soul. However, sometimes meeting in person isn’t possible due to time or distance restraints. In such a case a Skype call or just a phone call will have to be enough. Should you be able to meet in person, I’m always happy to meet for a coffee and a chat.

How about visiting the venue?
This can actually be counterproductive as the weather and light is bound to be very different then on the day of the wedding.  What I like to do instead is to arrive at the venue about an hour or so before the coverage starts, so I can explore the grounds and choose the best areas for portraits and group shots. I also use this time to take some shots of the venue.


How long does it take to get our images after the wedding?
Depending on the time of the year, your images will be with you between 5 and 8 weeks time. However, I do understand that you simply cannot wait to share your story via social media and that you'd rather have a beautiful cover photo on your Facebook page than an iPhone snapshot, therefore I will edit about 10 pictures from your wedding super fast and I will share them via my Facebook page the next day. You and your guests are most welcome to tag yourselves and use those images for cover and profile pictures. As for the rest of your images? Wedding photos need to last a lifetime and beyond, so I pay close attention to each photograph while editing and this takes time. Please be patient.


Are images retouched?
As I mentioned above, I know how important it is that your wedding images look as good as they possibly can.  I’ll ensure they are all colour corrected and correctly exposed.  In terms of actual skin retouching, if only light work is required, I will include this in my basic editing. However, if extensive editing is required, there may be a small charge, which I will discuss with you before proceeding.


How many images will we get?
All depends on on the size of your wedding, number of locations and the duration of the coverage... usually around 50 images per hour of shooting.


Will there be an online gallery for our friends and family to see?
Absolutely.  As soon as the images have been edited, I will email you a link to a password protected online guest gallery. If you don't want to share all your images we will place a selection in this gallery. It will also be your choice if you allow viewing only or downloading of the images too (provided you have purchased digital images with your package). There is also an option allowing for ordering prints directly from this gallery (the lab bill is a separate cost and is paid by the individuals ordering the prints). The choice is yours.


How long do you archive your images for?
I can only guarantee to archive your images for one year after the wedding.  Please make sure that as soon as you receive the images from me, you copy the files to either a USB stick or an external hard drive so that you have a back up. You can also burn to a CD or DVD but keep in mind that these do not have a terribly long life span.


What happens if the weather is awful on our wedding day?
Obviously, we all hope for glorious sunshine or a soft box overcast day but, chances are, we will get a glumy, rainy or blustery kind of day.  To tell you the truth, the best wedding pictures are the ones that capture emotion, tender, amusing or quiet moments, and fortunately this has nothing to do with weather.

Will you require food and drink on the day?
It would be lovely to have something to eat on the day and it will keep me much happier too. Something warm would be highly appreciated. Ideally this would be timed with the guest meal (sometime after the speeches, when everyone is busy eating).


What equipment do you use and do you have a back up?
I shoot on Nikon cameras and lenses. Currently I shoot on Nikon D800 and Nikon D700 and a combination of professional lenses. I always, always have two cameras with me. Naturally, I also have back up batteries and other necessary items.


What if you fall sick or for whatever reason cannot shoot our wedding?
This has never happened to me... However, one cannot be certain what the future holds and I understand that this may worry you especially that the bookings are generally made long in advance. Should such a situation occur, I will do everything in my power to find a replacement you would be happy with. I am a member of both The Master Photographers Association and The Royal Photographic Society so please be assured that, I have a network of highly capable wedding photographer colleagues who could step in.


Do you give images in colour or B&W?
Some photographs suit colour and some really work best in black&white.  I will make these creative decisions as I’m editing.  You’ll get a mix of both. Also, please remember, that indoor tungsten lighting can be terribly unflattering to skin colour, and therefore some images would look better in black and white. However, should you really, really want a particular image in colour I can always arrange that.


Are you fully insured?
I certainly am.


Where do you usually work?
Majority of my work is based around Central London and more specifically, around Chelsea. However, I am happy to travel to weddings, either within the UK or beyond it. I am sure we can work out arrangements suiting your specific situation.


Do you cover civil partnerships?
Absolutely, so please do not hesitate to get in touch regarding yours.


Do you use an assistant or a second shooter?
I can certainly arrange one if this is something you are interested in.


Do you do group shots?
The group shots have an important part to play in a wedding and it might be something you regret not doing afterwards. Lets face it, how often are all these family members and friends in the same place? Having said that, we will try to do these shots quickly.


Can we also book an engagement shoot?
Absolutely! It's a great way to celebrate your relationship and we will have lots of fun on the day too. You will end up with some gorgeous portraits that you can use in lots of ways.


Will you do a portrait session for us on the day?
Of course. Editorial style portraits are a must on a wedding day. This will take about 30 min of your time.

How much does it cost?
My Collections start at £1975 for 8 hours of coverage, including all digital images. There are also smaller bespoke packages for elopements. Please contact me if you would like additional information about my packages and the products I offer. 

Can you recommend other wedding suppliers?
Absolutely. I’ve worked with some very talented individuals and I’d be glad to help you find them. Let me know what you need and I can point you in the right direction.

Do I receive copyrights to the photos?
Although my clients are free to print and share their images for personal usage, most of my clients don’t receive the copyright for their images automatically. However, if this is something you are particularly keen on, I offer an option for full buyout of image copyright under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If this is something you are interested in, please email me for more information.

Can you also help with printing our images and designing albums?
I love printed images! Even though everyone is now after the digital negatives they are not tangible until they are printed. A book you can hold in you hands, you can feel its weight, you can smell it. So the answer is yes, I will certainly be able to help you with printing.


How do we go about booking you for our wedding?
When you decide you want me to photograph your wedding, I will send you a wedding photography agreement. I require 50% retainer fee on booking to secure your date. The balance is due one month before your wedding.